Maureen is FABULOUS! The minute she walks in the door, you are in for a treat. I am a stay-at-home mom who has recently lost the last baby weight and feeling fashion clueless. Maureen was able to take my closet and re-work it using clothes I thought I needed to toss. She helped me with my jewelry, accessories and shoes as well. We came up with a short list of essentials that I was eager to have her find for me. Maureen rocks! WELL WORTH THE INVESTMENT.

You won’t believe what a great service this is! Maureen has such an eye for fashion.  I’m one of those people who looks in my closet every morning and sees nothing to wear, even though it is packed full of clothes.  After I spent a few hours with Maureen, not only am I more organized, but I have a different vision of what can go together.  She really taught me how to dress in today’s style and, more importantly, how to accessorize.  Her services have given me a different perspective on fashion.  I’m looking forward to going through my winter clothes next!

I have always considered myself a fashion forward woman, yet I wondered if I could raise the bar with my fashion sense & style.  I was tired of impulse buying and not having a plan for my wardrobe.  One fall day I won a Wardrobe Wonders gift certificate and was so excited about Maureen coming to my home for the changing of the season.  She prepared me by asking me about my likes, my own perceptions of style, my casual and work clothes preferences, and my overall goal for our session together. I wanted Maureen to come to my home and go through my current wardrobe and assess what would still work (style, shape, fit, etc.) and where any gaps may be.  We had a wonderful time!  And the best part was getting my personal wardrobe notebook full of photos from our day.  There were photos of me in all types of outfits, from casual to work to going out.  So now, when I’m at a loss for what to wear, I pull out the book; no more guessing and staring in the closet!  Another plus is having Maureen meet you at your shopping venue of choice.  I chose a local mall.  What impressed me was that she had already identified items which really saved time.  We filled my “wish list” and I headed into the new season feeling confident in my style and even future purchases. Maureen never pushes things on you and seems to quickly understand your style and wishes so the stress of shopping for the right outfit or accessory is removed.  I wish I could take her with me on every shopping adventure!  I have had her back for spring and then fall again and so glad I did. She makes the start of the new season even more exciting!

Working with Maureen is like having your best friend – who happens to be super cool, stylish and great with clothes – over to play in your closet. Maureen is amazing at taking what you already own and putting a fresh, hip look together. She also has a knack for suggesting the pieces you need to fill the gaps in your wardrobe … which will make even more hip outfits! Because she shops for a living, she knows what is in the stores now and can point you towards certain pieces that will work for your style, your budget and your life.  The things she has suggested for me have become my go-to staples.  I never would have had the time to look for those pieces without her guidance.  In other words, I look better, I’ve spent less … and I haven’t used my limited free time to do it.

I love clothes, and I love to shop! Unfortunately, my free time is limited, and I definitely don’t get up early enough in the morning to spend time playing with outfits and accessories. Having Maureen pull outfits together for me ensures that I can look my best everyday … without taking the time to think about it.

Maureen, you are my new exterior designer!  Just like with my home, I am able to find great core pieces, but when it comes to the right accessories, the accent colors and trends to up-date my look, I am always at a loss. You know just where to shop, what to look for and how to give each core piece a look that makes it unique to me. Using the services of Wardrobe Wonders has saved me time, money …. and the angst of shopping!  When I needed something new to wear for a recent event – with little time to shop – you were a lifesaver.  By shopping ‘in advance’ of me, you narrowed my choice of dresses and shoes, making it effortless.  Thank you!  You are a delight to work with and I look forward to seeing you each season.

I am Maureen’s biggest fan.  She has totally changed the way that I approach getting dressed each morning.  I have had two sessions with her in the past year for spring and fall.  I am a mother of 2 boys and my typical outfit consisted of jeans or shorts and a tee shirt or fleece.  I rarely spent time thinking about my clothes and when I did, I was really frustrated and unsure about what to wear.  Maureen met with me to discuss my style and she designed outfits to work for the various occasions that come up in my week (church, night out with husband, book club, etc)  She created such unique and fun outfits for me to wear using my existing clothes.  She gave me a small list of items to pick up to complete my looks.  I saved a fortune by wearing the clothes that I already owned in new and fun ways.  I love referencing my look book when I am in a hurry to get dressed.  I can copy the outfit right down to the purse and jewelry and be ready in a flash.  I love it!  I have been inspired to play with my clothes and come up with new looks of my own.  I give Maureen my highest recommendation and praise.  She is a wonder!

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