Talk Fashion

We’ll begin with an initial consultation to discuss your personal style and creative vision for your future look.  We will read through glossy magazines and editorials, viewing the current trends to get a snapshot of the look you would like to work toward, and even the styles you’d like to stay away from.

Work With What You Have

Together, we will take a look at what’s already on your closet hangers, as well as your shoes and accessories, clearing out the old to make room for the new.  I will organize and simplify what you already have by color and style.  We will then rework your own pieces into fresh outfits and new pairings that may have easily been overlooked.

Style Look Book

With these new combinations, I will put together a Style Look Book for you to use, reference and expand upon.  This resource will preempt the question and frustration of “What am I going to wear today?” by visually demonstrating interesting ways to pull together your wardrobe.

Personal Styling

Once your closet is organized and de-cluttered, I will help you define a few recommended essentials to blend the old with the new, making your collection complete.

Personal Shopping

If you don’t have the time or even the interest to shop, I can be your eyes and ears on the trends and new in-store arrivals that I think will incorporate well into your wardrobe.  I will bring the new items directly to your closet.


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